AU Colab: Manip by Moi & Drabble by Shania

{AU: The Big Deal}

“Draco Malfoy, You owe me big time.”

Hermione stated through a clenched smile.  “I still don’t understand why you couldn’t have informed me about this- this … diversion, yes, diversion, beforehand,” 

“Now tell me, if I did inform you about this beforehand, would you have agreed?”  Draco countered “Besides, this is beneficial to the both of us,”

Turning to Draco, Hermione raised her eyebrows, “Beneficial to the both of us? I hardly think this is mutualistic deal; this is more like a parasitic deal. Mmhm, Draco, you sir, are a parasite.” Confirmed Hermione; a confident smile forming on her face, satisfied with her way of words. 

“Me? Draco Malfoy? A parasite?”  Draco questioned smoldering, “I hardly think I’m a parasite Hermione, parasites are animals, and I definitely don’t think that I, Draco Malfoy, Pureblood extraordinaire am an animal, or worse, a parasite. “He finished, his sly smile contorting into a sour face.

“Draco, we all, wizard or not, are human, therefore we are all animals.” Hermione declared, looking at Draco, making sure that he was paying attention.  “Some of us could have even been animals in our past lives, for example, you were probably a ferre-,” Hermione started, yet cut off by the loud feedback from what sounded like a muggle microphone radiating from the huge speakers of the press hall.

“The press meeting has now commenced, questioning will start momentarily, thank you.” Announced a petite lady in a nasally tone.

Moments later, the familiar ring of a muggle microphone returned to signal the beginning of the press meeting. 

“Mr. Draco, I- I mean Mr. Malfoy,” began a small, balding man, “What did your father have to say about your current relationship with Ms. Granger?”

Glaring at the small man, Draco began “Now tell me- do I look like an adolescent boy who still needs to ask his father’s opinion about everything? I think not.  NEXT.”  He finished, his last words causing the furniture to vibrate throughout the room,

The microphone was passed over to a rather tall old lady with bright gray hair, after several moments of hearing the awkward feedback from the microphone, the lady began, “Hermione, There have been several rumors circulating, that you are currently pregnant, but with another man’s child, is this true?”  The lady questioned pushing her glasses further up her nose,

Hermione flushed before answering “Yes, Yes the rumors are true,” she began, before whispers broke out in the room, “ I am pregnant ,” she stated slowly ,wincing at the several squeals, “ But not with another man’s child, I believe I was raised and thought better than to be unfaithful in a relationship, I-“ she said before getting cut off,

“WHO’S THE DADDY?!” commanded a very er- large man in the back to of the room.

Hermione smirked at the crowd before announcing “Lets just say the Malfoy name will uphold for a few more decades.” She finished before the crowd broke out a big uproar.

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